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The net worth of the average black household in the United States is $6,314, compared with $110,500 for the average white household.

Tell me with a straight face America is fair and just to its Black citizens. Tell me with a straight face Black Americans have the same opportunities as their non-Black compatriots.

Go on, tell me.

Tell me with a straight face how it’s Black Americans’ fault they’ve remained dirt poor and assetless since the day they stopped being property themselves.

Tell me with a straight face it’s too late for reparations. Tell me with a straight face this is somehow all on Black people.

Just when was it between abolition and 2014 that Black Americans were given a fair shake? And when did they fumble that?

Give me the dates, any dates.

Go on.

What gets me is even in the face of census data showing America’s Black–white wealth gap is worse than South Africa’s in the ’70s, that the average Black American household has $6,314 to average white’s $110,500—many will STILL claim we don’t have an overarching, nationwide problem. In the face of indisputable inequality itself, the majority of white and other non-Black Americans will claim this country is somehow fair and just, that this country has no problem—or at least not one they play a part in, despite controlling all of its wealth and resources.

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